The Adventure Begins…

The lovely Violet from Eclipse When I heard that a brand new Half-Life 2 full conversion called Eclipse had just been released for free download, I went along to the website and downloaded it almost straight away. Why? Because damn it looks sweet! Check out the amazing screenshots!

Now I’m not much of a gamer but Half-Life 2 is one of my most favourite PC games, so I’m gonna give this a try. As I’m typing this it’s installing itself on my machine, and hopefully it’ll be ok as I’ve been having some problems with my CPU lately (on it’s last legs I think). I’ll finally be able to put my new Radeon 9800 Pro to the test, too, as I completed Half-Life 2 in it’s entirity with just 32mb of graphics power!

From the Eclipse game website:

You play as a young Sorceress named Violet who has learned the secrets of Telekinesis. This allows Violet to easily find objects in the environment that she can pick up and throw. Use Violet’s power of Telekinesis to help protect you as you journey over distant lands in search of the ancient teleportation device near the Standing Stones. Battle your way through hordes of orc-like creatures known as Keepers as you make your way through the enchanted Blackmoor forest. Find Violet’s ancestral burial grounds in the Barrow and unlock dark secrets that will aid you in your final stand at the Standing Stones.

Stand by for regular updates and (hopefully) more pictures of the lovely Violet :)

2 Responses to “The Adventure Begins…”

  1. Mac says:

    Comments! Rock! I need to play Eclipse. I’ve been busy playing FF7 lately…

  2. Jay says:

    ive lost my copy of FF7 can i have yours?

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