T-Shirt Site of the Week

When it comes to clothes I’m really really picky. I mean, I’m really bad. Some people can go into a shop and just pick out t-shirts and trousers and shit and say “yeah, that’ll suit me”. I can go into thirty shops and not find one thing, seriously. So whenever I do see a t-shirt I like, I usually end up buying it with a reasonable amount of disregard to the cost. This has proved expensive in the past, but not always, thanks to the wonder that is The Internet™.

I’ve been browsing the archives of a few of my favourite designery sites like Lounge Seventy-Two and Surfstation, and clicking on any links to t-shirt and merchandising sites. It has paid off, in no small part to the wonderous exchange rate between the USD and the GBP at the moment. Buying stuff from the States is so cheap right now, you may as well buy loads of shit from there just for the hell of it!

So, onto the subject of this post! I shall be recommending some of my favourite t-shirt selling type sites on a semi-regular basis, and your job will be to go and buy lots of t-shirts from them (but not the same ones as me obviously).

First up is Faveur Fashion which is possibly not a very good site to start with, but I will anyway because I bought a tee from there just last week. There appears to be very little reassurance on the site that it’s a legit business or in fact whether you’ll even get your stuff. They don’t even ask what country the stuff will be sent to when you enter your address at the checkout, but saying that I got my stuff quickly and with no probs (ok it went via Canada but it still only took about 7 days). Also, there’s some religious thing going on but it’s a job to tell if they’re being serious about their faith or not.

Anyway, the tee I bought was imaginitively called Faveur and I also got the superfine Faveur Beanie, even though it is approaching midsummer. It cost me just over £30 including postage, and the stuff is sweet, so I’m chuffed. I give my official recommendation to Faveur Fashion!

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