BonBourn I

Here is some of what went on during my most recent trip to Newcastle-Upon-Bulman, and in usual Bon fashion I’m posting it three days after it actually happened.

Within hours of arriving I swallowed half a maggot. Helen bought Rey a small bottle of Tequila for his birthday which contained a real maggot, which apparently acts as a hallucinogenic when swallowed with the tequila. Seeing as Rey wasn’t manly enough to do the whole maggot, he choppped it in half and we done half each while Helen filmed it.

Then we ate Subway and went out and, as he mentioned, Rey found sixty quid on the floor after Jason walked straight past it. Rey then treated us all to loads more lemonade even though it was his own birthday, and Jason attempted to (and very almost did) down a bottle of Corona…

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride is definitely worth watching. Nando’s chicken owns. Rey’s little brother is cool. So is drinking curdled Bailey’s, vodka, and Smirnoff Ice through a straw. Being hit by a car isn’t*. Apple iBooks are indeed lush but the keyboard layout does my head in. Also, Rey is the first person in the world to own a some official merchandise.

* Technically not part of BonBourn I.

3 Responses to “BonBourn I”

  1. Rey says:

    Ive still got random photos to put up and the photos of the SWEET merchandise Bon bought me! Actually, ill do that in a sec :)

  2. Jay says:

    i always leave the bottom bit!!! arg!

  3. muf says:

    Bah, i remember when we went to Zoots (shite club) and I downed 3 bottles of stella, 1 after the other.
    What followed was not pretty.

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