‘Tis a Proud Day

I’ve just been looking at my referrer stats for lud.icro.us. Turns out I’m pretty popular on MSN Search, especially with adult content related searches. Veteran readers will know that this was also the case for my old blog on JohnBlackbourn.com. I often had visits from people looking for free Elisha Cuthbert porn, girl next door videos, and, most worrying of all, gallons of horse cum.

I’m currently the seventh highest result for “free videos girl on girl porn without registering”, and oh how the poor person who searched for that must have been disappointed after they clicked on the link to my site. They certainly wouldn’t have found any videos of girl on girl porn.

An even better one, however, is that I’m the fourth highest result for “porn star industries”. Like I said in the title of this post, ’tis a proud day for Ludicrous!

2 Responses to “‘Tis a Proud Day”

  1. Hazel says:

    What? I can’t get “free videos girl on girl porn without registering” here?

  2. Jay says:

    what? you mean you have to register?

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