A Pint of Pornstar Please

So today - in a “Girl Next Door” stylee - I found out that the barmaid down at our local pub is in fact an internet porn star. How great is that!?!

Ok so she’s nowhere near as fit as Elisha Cuthbert and she’s not exactly a porn star, but she does do nude modelling and she has her own pay-to-view website, so you may as well call it porn. She isn’t all that attractive in fact, but she does have a very impressive tattoo on her back. I would give you a link to her site but there are two reasons why I won’t.

  1. I don’t think Google thinks highly of sites that link to porn, and I don’t want to disappear off the bottom of Google’s rankings
  2. It’s almost guaranteed that someone would figure out where she lived and worked and then I’d get my ass kicked (probably whilst in the pub)

On a related note, Pornstar would be a great name for an ale. “A pint of Pornstar please!”

2 Responses to “A Pint of Pornstar Please”

  1. andre says:

    that is ace … a porn star barmaid

  2. Lee says:

    How cool is that! Try and get a free account from her :D

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