The Summer Burn 2005

This is cool shit. Everyone should sign up for The Summer Burn 2005.

What happens is you submit your name, email and postal address, and after the signup closes you get emailed the address of two other people who signed up. You burn a couple of CDs of your favourite tunes and wham it in the post to them and you’ll get a couple back from other random people in return! A brilliant way to discover new music! They had over 200 people participate last year, and what with it being featured in the b3ta newsletter, there’s bound to be plenty of people doing it this year. Update: There’s almost 900 participants this year!

N.B. This whole thing relies on trust - if you don’t send CDs in turn, then you’re nasty, and someone will be sitting somewhere tuneless and with no smile on their face. Now why would you want to do that?

I think it’s supercool so you should all go and sign up now! But hurry! Entry closes on June 20th (only 6 days)!

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