Such Great Heights

Garden State. One of my all-time favourite films, due in no small part to the wonderous soundtrack which sounds really great when you listen to it with your ears. One of the most outstanding tracks in the film is a song called Such Great Heights by the Postal Service. It was originally written by Iron And Wine, however the original version is not a patch on the Postal Service’s cover.

One odd thing about the Garden State soundtrack which you can buy on CD (from Amazon UK) is that Such Great Heights included on it isn’t the version played in the film, it’s the original by Iron And Wine. This put me off buying it because the original isn’t my style of music at all. It’s a lot slower and quite dull, almost bluesy.

Now, I was browsing last week and noticed that they now have a music section at where you can download MP3s from all sorts of popular and not-so-popular bands and genres for free. I had a wander over there and, lo and behold, the first track I saw (featured on the front page) was… Update: The link has been fixed!

Turns out the song was actually redone for the Garden State soundtrack, and I have faint memories of hearing the song beforehand, however I’ve failed to find it anywhere on the interweb. I shall have a hunt around when I can be bothered. Meanwhile, the Postal Service’s page is right here and there’s another song of theirs which you can download, but from what I can remember it’s nothing special.

If that’s not enough for you, I’ve found another cover of this song by a relatively unknown artist called Fellows Touring Paris. I actually heard this song (and became quite a fan of it) months before Garden State came out, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear it on the trailer. Unfortunately the song has since been removed from where I found it, so I’ve uploaded it to fo’ y’all. Hey Justin, this is the song I’ve been going on about at work, so you should download this one mate :)

If you’re into your indie, your synth-pop (that’s what it’s called apparently) and your lo-fi, those two tracks should keep you going for a little while. For what it’s worth, there is a Fellows Touring Paris home page but it’s a bit outdated and there’s lots of broken links on there.

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